Shooting star // Secret Life

David Ullmann hits the target

By Precedent

On Tuesday March 9th, 2010


photo by Daniel EhrenworthDavid Ullmann likes the immediate gratification of shooting objects out of the air. “It’s very satisfying to hit the target and have the pieces clatter around you,” he explains. Ullmann uses many of the same skills in his insolvency practice as he does in his sports of skeet and trap shooting. Both his hobby and his practice require quick reaction times and a keen focus on the task at hand. Of course, one requires more hand-eye coordination than the other.

A client introduced Ullmann to the sports four years ago and since then he’s become an enthusiast. Now the owner of six shotguns, he enjoys shooting at clay targets (also known as “clay pigeons”) because it’s outdoors and takes him away from the city. And it’s different from golf — a sport he was never really good at.

Now Ullmann is introducing his other clients to skeet and trap shooting. “It’s safe and fun and they like it,” he says. “It’s something a lot of people have a curiosity about.”

Outtakes and exclusives from the photo shoot: