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This lawyer is hanging on just by her toes

By Precedent

On Monday December 13th, 2010


Chantal Saxe
Counsel, Ministry of Community and Social Services

Like any serious hobbyist, Chantal Saxe has created a space in her home where she can pursue her pastime. After work, she folds up her Murphy bed and dangles from a trapeze suspended in her bedroom.

Chantal Saxe

Saxe started circus training during law school when she and her sister Nisha discovered flying trapeze classes. They soon formed a troupe, performing at events throughout the GTA.

But finding a suitable studio wasn’t easy — nor was balancing a job, a family and a penchant for flips — so Saxe now practices at home. Weather permitting, she uses an 18-foot rig in her backyard. Otherwise, she’s indoors. “The setup allows me to turn my bedroom into a studio in five minutes,” says Saxe, who spent two decades as a gymnast. “This way I can train and still spend time with my kids.”

Despite her busy schedule, Saxe remains high on trapeze. “This exposes me to situations that I wouldn’t have found otherwise,” she says. “There’s nothing else that I could do that would put me in such a good mood.”

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Pics of Chantal’s home studio

Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth