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Department of Justice lawyer Arlo Litman tastes success

By Graham F. Scott

On Tuesday June 3rd, 2008


As a lawyer and snack food entrepreneur, Arlo Litman already wears several hats. So we figured one more — this spiffy Carman Miranda number — couldn’t hurt. He has just launched Solfruit, a company that produces and distributes all-natural dried fruit from Colombia.

Arlo Litman, lawyer and entrepreneur

Litman, who practices constitutional and administrative law at the Department of Justice in Ottawa, fell in love with Colombia while traveling there. He acknowledges that pineapple, mango, and bananas are not the first Colombian exports that come to mind. “Colombia isn’t just about drugs and kidnapping,” he says, recalling Colombia’s beautiful beaches, friendly people, and sophisticated cities. Solfruit is available online (solfruit.ca) and will soon be in stores across Canada.

Photography by Liam Sharp