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Triathlete and business lawyer Stefan Timms likes to test his limits.

By Precedent

On Sunday September 7th, 2008


Stefan Timms likes to test his limits. It’s a trait that has taken him far — both in law and in sport. Before law school, Timms was a top professional triathlete, competing in 10-15 races around the world each year. When he retired he ranked second in Canada. He now tests his limits as a business lawyer and an amateur triathlete.

Stefan Timms, soaking wet.

He trains two or three times a day, five times a week, biking or running to work and slipping out for a swim at lunch. At the gym, law and athletics collide. “It’s been an amazing tool in terms of career building,” says Timms. “All of a sudden I’m in for a run, talking naturally with a senior partner or a bank VP, which you would never have at my career level.” With over 200 races under his belt, we hope Timms goes easy on the senior partners.