Gerard Butler was almost a lawyer

A writer who has never heard of Gerard Butler interviews Butler. And hilarity ensues

By Melissa Kluger

On Wednesday July 29th, 2009


 An amusing article in the August edition of Esquire profiles actor Gerard Butler. “I wasn’t going to be an actor,” Butler tells Esquire. “I was going to be a lawyer.” It wasn’t until he got fired a week before he was due to qualify to practice that he made the move to acting.

“… when I put on a suit and a tie, I became desperately unhappy. There was something else at work, something I didn’t have control of.  If I hadn’t fucked up that job, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now. I might be a very mediocre lawyer in some small town in the middle of Scotland.”

The article is amusing, not so much because the guy dropped out of law, but because the writer interviewing him had never heard of him.