Firm decisions

Wise advice from Canadian Lawyers Abroad about in-firm interviews

By Todd Harrison

On Tuesday October 26th, 2010


Catherine McKenna, the executive director of the charity Canadian Lawyers Abroad, blogged recently about the pros and cons of applying to a firm. We thought her perspective was worth passing on — especially since second-year students are preparing for the start of in-firm interview week on Monday.

McKenna writes:

Tune out all the noise coming from your fellow students and think about (i) why you went to law school and (ii) where you want to be in ten years. Contact some lawyers (including non-practicing lawyers) who are doing what you eventually want to do and ask their advice.  Most people are generous with their time and are happy to talk about how they found their way — especially if you’re not asking them for something (this is NOT the time to ask them for a job).

Read her full blog post here.

Coming tomorrow: more advice for law students, but of a very different sort. We’ll launch a brand-new column with some essential style tips for in-firm interviews.