Virtual town hall meetings // Bencher Election Watch

Bencher candidates will discuss election issues before next month's election

By Todd Harrison

On Monday March 28th, 2011


Photo by Oliver Mallich Small Claims Court legal services website My Legal Briefcase, is hosting a series of three virtual town hall meetings in the run-up to this year’s Law Society bencher elections.

The first two virtual town halls take place tomorrow (March 29) and Thursday (March 31) at 12:30 p.m. Both will feature a dialogue with bencher candidates on key election questions, including:

  • What specific things would you do to change the public perception of the legal profession?
  • What specific things would you to do increase Access to Justice?
  • Mandatory CLE requirements are a sore point among the bar.  What would you do to make this system better?
  • Should the Law Society be more transparent with bencher expenses and fees? How?  What about other Law Society costs?
  • What can the Law Society do about the retention of women in the law?
  • Are lawyers leading sustainable lifestyles that promote community building or are the stress of the profession wearing them down?  Is job-sharing an answer?

The third virtual town hall is scheduled for Monday, April 1 at 12:30 p.m. and is titled The Future of Law and Articling. At this online meeting, bencher candidates will answer questions like:

  • Australia, the UK and South Carolina are moving forward with alternative business structures. Do you support alternative business structures in Ontario? Why or why not?
  • What are your thoughts on the unbundling legal services?
  • Is the Law Society adequately dealing with innovative ways to deliver legal services? Is the Law Society itself, being innovative enough?
  • Should older, established lawyers be expected to do more to ease the costs for younger lawyers?
  • Hundreds of talented young law students are finding it difficult to find suitable articles each year.  What should the Law Society do?

For more information about the virtual town halls, or to register (space is limited), visit this page on the My Legal Briefcase website.

Photo by Oliver Mallich