Mat leave, meaningful work and smartphone addictions // Bar Code redux

A round-up of the best of Bar Code

By Sandra Rosier

On Monday August 22nd, 2011


Sandra’s on vacation. She’ll return with a new edition of Bar Code in two weeks. In the meantime, here’s a sampling of the best from her column’s archives.

When to disclose when you’re expecting
March 7, 2011

“While pregnancies may sometimes involve short-term inconvenience and disruption for a particular project or team, savvy firms see this merely as a temporary, staffing-related cost of doing business. These firms may not recognize the necessity for the perpetuation of the human race, but they know that treating women with respect is an investment in the future of their business.”

If you crave meaning, go work for Human Rights Watch
January 10, 2011

“There is no rule requiring that what you do for a living be meaningful in a larger cosmic sense or contribute to the betterment of humankind. None. Don’t expect your job to fulfil every deep need that you have as a human being. Remember that one thing does not preclude the other.”

BlackBerry wars
February 7, 2011
“As you peck away at your BlackBerry at the dinner table under the glare of your partner’s and friends’ seething resentment, how focussed and effective can you be as a lawyer? More importantly, what kind of spouse and friend are you at that moment? You’re only succeeding at doing two things badly.”

Sandra Rosier is a former Supreme Court of Canada clerk who has worked at large firms in Toronto and Boston. Having come to her senses, Sandra currently works as a tax advisor at a Toronto-based organization. Her etiquette column for lawyers appears every other Monday at Got a question for Sandra? Email us.

Photo by Pete Barr-Watson