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Cashmere poncho feature
“It’s stylish and cozy. When bare-armed on a cool plane, I wear it like a Snuggie.”

By Lisa Coxon

On Monday December 5th, 2016

Shana French

Recommended by: Shana French, Sherrard Kuzz LLP

The backstory: Shana French is a partner at Sherrard Kuzz LLP’s Toronto office, and yet she lives in Newfoundland with her husband and three kids. How on earth does she pull that off? With one of the most unique flex plans in the business. French works remotely from her home in St. John’s, but generally spends every other week in Toronto from Monday to Thursday. (While here, she stays at her Yorkville condo.)

With that intense travel schedule, French is on an airplane at least 50 times a year. And on each flight, you can often see her wearing the same thing: a cashmere poncho from White and Warren.

Making the case: “This poncho is a must for air travel,” says French. “It’s stylish and cozy. When bare-armed on a cool plane, I wear it like a Snuggie. But I often wear it out for dinner with a pair of jeans and some funky boots.” And if she’s being totally honest? “I even wear it over my pajamas at home sometimes. I mean, it’s cashmere!”

Where to find it: Holt Renfrew, or at

How much you’ll pay: $465.

This story is from our Winter 2016 issue.




Photo courtesy of White And Warren