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By Christina Cheung

On Wednesday May 29th, 2013


If you’re looking for a sizzling summer read that mixes romance with an engrossing dose of law-related fun, former corporate attorney Isabelle Laflèche’s new book J’adore Paris, recently released by HarperCollins Canada, should do the trick.

In this sequel to J’adore New York, Laflèche’s bestselling debut novel, Parisian lawyer/heroine Catherine Lambert leaves the Big Apple and her job as an elite M&A lawyer to head back to the City of Light in her new role as Christian Dior’s IP director. With her loyal and sassy assistant Rikash along for the ride, Lambert soon delves into crazy legal battles against the world of counterfeit luxury goods while also working to maintain a relationship with her former colleague, now-boyfriend, Antoine.

Precedent got in touch with Laflèche and asked her about her research process, her former life as a lawyer and whether there will be a third J’adore. Find out how to win a signed copy of the book after the Q&A below.

Why did you decide to focus on counterfeit luxury goods in this sequel?
It was a natural transition for the storyline as Catherine was asked to work on anti-counterfeiting mandates in J’adore New York, which ignited her passion for the fashion world. It was the beginning of another exciting adventure.

This must have been a fun book to research. Can you tell us about the process? 
Yes, it was lots of fun to research. I was invited to an anti-counterfeiting conference organized by Harper’s Bazaar magazine in New York and spent a few weeks in Paris.

Did you go on any raids?
I didn’t go on any raids but I interviewed two seasoned lawyers who spend most of their time doing so. What a life! Both have been threatened, have received nasty anonymous phone calls and have been followed on the street. One even had her knuckles broken by an angry counterfeiter. It’s a different pace from the corporate world!

That’s insane! How has your former life as a corporate lawyer helped your new career as a writer?
It has helped me in many different ways. First, 10 years of legal practice have given me the discipline to get my novels done. Also, it’s easy for me to explain legal concepts in plain English terms for my readers. And finally, it gives me intriguing topics to write about.

Are any of the characters (especially Rikash) based on people you’ve known in real life?
Yes and no. Rikash’s character was based on someone I met and worked with in New York City many years ago. He has since taken on a (larger than) life of his own! The other characters are pure fiction.

Is there going to be a third book? Which city will Catherine love next?
Yes, there is another book in the works. I won’t mention the city explicitly, but I will say that the story delves into issues of spirituality. And that Rikash is going home.

Have you received any feedback from lawyers?
Yes. Most of them have told me that my books are an enjoyable, entertaining read. Some have mentioned relating to Catherine on a more profound level, now wanting to explore their more creative side. So far, it’s been all good!

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