Precedent 2.1 goes online

The next issue of the magazine is about to be hitting your desk

By Precedent

On Friday March 7th, 2008


CoverSee the little tab up there at the top of the page that says “Current Issue”? Click it and you’ll have access to the spring issue of Precedent, which includes all the news, fashion, events, and entertainment you’ve come to expect from Precedent, plus an exciting International feature section. The print edition of the magazine is on its way, too. It should be landing on desks any minute now.

Once you’ve had a chance to bask in Precedent‘s glory, we invite you to post comments on our stories. And if you’ve got a news tip or know someone who just has to be in Precedent, let us know at


Note: Toronto lawyers can expect to receive a copy of Precedent with the March 7th edition of the Ontario Reports. But don’t get too comfortable with this arrangement. Make sure you get every issue by subscribing online. It’s free for all lawyers in the province!