baby talk card

Baby talk // Featured

Sure, babies are cute. But the problems lawyers face when starting a family are not. It’s time for a frank discussion about what it’s like to have a baby in law

Real estate, securities, corporate opportunities and more // Quit Your Job Friday

February 16, 2018

Check out our roundup of the latest job posts from the Precedent A-List

What Lady Bird can teach us about the statement of principles

December 11, 2017

If we care about the success of racialized lawyers, we should pay attention to their concerns

John Sorensen

How a Professional LLM turbo-charged this lawyer’s career // sponsored content

December 5, 2017

“It’s like I was taking an extra dose of vitamins”

Lawyer mom

What lawyer-moms talk about in private // Editor’s Note

December 5, 2017

And how it inspired our winter issue

Shelia Block

The big problem with articling // sponsored content

December 5, 2017

As an instructor with the Law Practice Program, Sheila Block provides consistent, practical training — two things sometimes missing from articling

White out feature image

White out // Feature

September 7, 2017

In the past decade, the percentage of racialized lawyers in Ontario has skyrocketed. Does that mean discrimination in law is over?

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How to truly support women in private practice // Opinion

September 7, 2017

We must publish meaningful data on how individual law firms are faring on the retention of women

LPP fall 2017

How the Law Practice Program could transform the job market // sponsored content

September 7, 2017

Nissan Canada’s general counsel Fernando Garcia reveals why small legal departments love the LPP

Innovation at Bond University

Innovation at Bond University // sponsored content

September 7, 2017

Meet two Canadians who went to law school in Australia, and returned home to build innovative legal careers